You are a sophisticated ape.

Apes are social animals, therefore you are a social animal. This aspect of our nature has been manipulated by those in power through the misuse of the rapidly developing technology of our time in order to isolate us from one another. The structures which once bought us together, the places of learning, levity, and community are crumbling in our absence, and absent from them we are diminishing. Fortunately we can reclaim these places if we simply choose to do so. They are still there, waiting for us, all we need to do is turn up. Start a group based on your interests, volunteer for something, if you have the means put resources into a community project. Most importantly of all, just turn up.

You need your fellow human beings, and they need you.

The average, healthy, well adjusted adult gets up at seven-thirty in the morning feeling just plain terrible.
— Jean Kerr