If so I hope you're ready to accept a few hard truths:


  • Capitalism is eating itself and cannot be sustained.


  • The basic requirements for human life must be provided for everyone.


  • Socialism is the only effective weapon against fascism.


What do we do with this information? We build from it a simple, modern, clear platform to appeal to all rational moral people. The People's Network is my proposal to be the policy at the center of that platform.



   The initial methods would be cutting spending on wasteful nonsense like corporate subsidies and bombing countries to steal their resources, to be done in conjuncture with raising tax on the obscenely wealthy. If those solutions are not adequate the funding can come from people's quantitative easing, the inflation from which would be offset by the reduced living costs guaranteed by the policy. People's quantitative easing is explained here.


The following is an overview of what the network would provides.


A network of renewable energy sources to provide free energy to every citizen. In each country different natural elements would be harnessed depending on the environmental resources available, some examples are here. Learn how Germany is already ahead of most other countries here. Find out future sources of renewable energy here. New ways we can store the energy here.


A network of farms to produce enough organic whole foods to feed every citizen. This network will be automated to the limits of technology so its ongoing maintenance will require as little human labour as possible. The foods produced will be whole, unprocessed and organic. Vertical farms are explained here. A real world example of this technology from Singapore here. An example of how simple and efficient this technology can be here.


A publicly owned health network using technology and medical advancement to provide the best possible care and treatment for all citizens. This health service will have a branch dedicated to research, development and production of new treatments and medications. Examples of new medical technologies can be found here. An example of a modern hospital design here


A fully automated, renewable energy powered transport network to cover each country. Land travel between major cities to be by high speed train exemplified here. Short distance land travel will be by self-driving cars a version of which is here. International travel to be by a renewable energy powered ferry system the early development of which is shown here.


A network of high speed broadband both cabled and mobile to cover the entire country. The infrastructure for this is in place in most countries, it simply requires being put into public ownership.

6) Housing

All available housing will be used to resolve homelessness. Where enough housing isn't available 3d printing methods will be used to build adequate housing as shown here.


The technology to make this network function is already available, inexpensive (relative to the alternatives) and it's implementation is only a matter of political will.

It is economically destructive and moral indefensible to allow human beings to go without the basic requirements for survival. Providing these basics to all people in the least environmentally damaging way is the only solution to sustaining the species, and will provide enormous advantages to countries which do so. So rather than argue with these inarguable facts, start helping the cause.

Most politicians cannot be theorists. First, because they are rarely thinkers; second, because the frenetic lifestyle they impose on themselves leaves no time for big ideas.
— Yanis Varoufakis