It didn't take long for capitalism to eat itself. Capitalism's rules were always going to doom it to cannibalism; that it began gnawing at itself so soon might have been shocking had it not done everything at such terrible speed. For those of you who missed the news, it's relatively simple. For capitalism to function it must be able to pay for labour, those who perform the labour use their wages to purchase the goods produced by their labour to create profit. This operated with financial (if not moral) success until the mindless drive for ever increasing profit hardwired into capitalism led to the construction of the machines which would facilitate its demise. Once the production of goods becomes automated, which has already begun and is rapidly expanding, no labour is required. When no labour is required workers have no money to purchase that which is produced, the system has eaten itself, it is dead.

 Now we face the spectacle of our entire economic structure devouring itself before our eyes and are left with the question of how to respond. The answer which has been chosen by a sad and sinister coalition of the disenfranchised and the wicked is fascism. Nothing new there, it's been the first response to economic crisis since forever. How does one defeat fascism? The answer is and always shall be socialism. So it is our task, those of us with an conscience, to formulate a modern, simple, powerful form for socialism to take. We must achieve this now, or there shall be no tomorrow.

  The answer must be global, modern and immediately effective. The Socialist Alliance is my proposition. Its first role, is to use technology to build solidarity between socialists around the world on order further the cause. It is also a method of fighting the vast wealth of the fascists, via a crowdfunding campaign to support socialist candidates in every election in the world. I believe only by taking this internationalist approach can we hope to battle the insane ideologies that threaten our very survival as a species. To qualify, a candidate must believe in the public ownership and control over the following:

  • The democratic process

  • The criminal justice system.

  • Agriculture and water

  • Energy

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Transportation

  • Housing

  • Environmental protection

  • Military power


They must also stand by the following principles


  • No person should get special privileges for any reason.

  • All human life is precious and all people deserve access to the basic requirements for survival irrespective of their means.

  • The state nor any other institution can be given the legal power to execute a human being.

  • No politician may have financial ties to corporations or wealthy individuals.

  • The role of the military is to protect against military invasion by another state and nothing else.


THe crowdfunding site

I don't have the resources to construct this. I can describe what is required. We require a site which monitors every election in the world and a method by which members select candidates to be funded. Members then collectively fund these candidates through small donations to aid their campaigns. This consolidation of our wealth and energy in a global effort is the only way we can act in time to rescue our species.



A policy which provides a solution to the crisis facing our species. I propose any socialist candidate or party adopt this policy as the cornerstone of their platform.

The details of the policy can be found here.

Be able to defend your arguments in a rational way. Otherwise, all you have is an opinion.
— Marilyn vos Savant